8 Celebrities Educated In Florida

Florida is always looked upon for education, be it traditional education, professional education or distance learning. There are several Floridians who obtained education and proved their capabilities to the world. Many of us just fall far the celebrities; we tend to follow their attitudes, lifestyle, their range of clothes or cosmetics, etc. While completing our academic studies we idolize some personality and aspire to obtain a career like him, we try to imitate such personality in every go of our life. It also happens that we blindly follow their childhood and adulthood. We tend to enroll in the institutions where these personalities have educated themselves. Thus we have a huge number of students enrolling in Harvard University just because John. F. Kennedy or Conan O’Brien completed the education in Harvard University. Here are the 10 prominent personalities who completed their education in Florida.


1. Steve ‘Lefty’ Carlton: Born on 22nd December 1944 in Miami, Florida; Steve was regarded as the best pitcher in the baseball history. His left handed pitching and bowling gave him the nickname ‘Lefty’. Steve Carlton completed his schooling in North Miami high school where he polished his baseball talent through practice. However his college life gave his career a real mount. Steve was the best pitcher of his college, Miami-Dade Community College. Steve received recognition while pitching for his college and signed with St. Louis Cardinals for $5000. Carlton played for St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Twins accomplishing some strike-out records and winning several CY young awards for the best pitcher. He received National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1994 after 12 years of his retirement.jim-morrison

2. Jim Morrison: Born on 8th December 1943 in Melbourne, Florida, James Douglas aka Jim Morrison is regarded as a very important name in the history of rock music. After completing his school in Alexandria, Morrison completed his education at St. Petersburg College and Florida State University. Jim was a brilliant student and always excelled in his school. He had knack of writing since teens. He was the face of ‘The Doors’ (a music group he formed with his friends in the college days). He was the lead singer as well as lyricist of The Doors. Apart from singing Jim’s career also includes filmmaking, writing songs, poetries and books. Jim’s career began with his college days where education assisted him to transfer his thoughts to words. Jim died on 3rd July, 1971.


3. Ben Vereen: Born on 10th October 1946 in Miami, Florida, Ben is a flamboyant actor, dancer and singer. Vereen was interested in acting since his school days and completed his education from Manhattan High School of Performing Arts. It is through his schools and colleges that Vereen acquired his talent for singing, acting and dancing. He entertained the audiences for 34 years facing all the ups and downs in life. He is an all-round actor and shared his part of roles on television, films and theatre.


4. Harry T Moore: Born on 18th November 1905 in Houston, Florida, Harry was the only civil activist who died for civil rights of blacks. Harry educated himself in Jacksonville and graduated from Florida Memorable College. He was a brilliant student in his school times and was nicknamed DOC by his friends. After his graduation he became a fulltime educator. In this process he got himself in the civil rights. He was murdered on 25th December 1951.


5. Norman E Thargard: Born on 3rd July 1949 in Marianna, Florida but considered home town is Jacksonville, Florida. Norman is the astronaut of NASA and was the first American cosmonaut (an astronaut travelling in the Russian vehicle/spacecraft). Working for several American organizations like Member, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aerospace Medical Association, and Phi Kappa Phi, Norman was a very learned person. Norman completed is school and graduation from Paxon Senior High School in Jacksonville in 1961, he acquired his bachelors and masters of science in engineering from Florida State University while Doctor of medicine from University of Texas. Thargard was awarded 11 Air Medals, the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V”, the Marine Corps “E” Award, the Vietnam Service Medal, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm.


6. James Weldon: Born on 17th June 1871 in Jacksonville Florida, James was an author and educator. Being the son of the first black women teacher James had keen interest in education. After completing his schooling from Edwin M. Stanton School, Florida, James acquired associate bachelors degree from Atlanta University. He had due respect for the field of education and always regarded education as the bonus to help black people. He served in the education field by working as a Principal of Jacksonville school, Florida. Weldon was the first African-American to qualify the bar exam in Florida. In his later life James involved himself in author, politician, diplomat, critic, journalist, poet, anthologist, lawyer, songwriter, and early civil rights activist. He died on 26th June 1938.


7. Julian “Cannonball” Adderly: Born on 15th September 1928 in Tampa Florida, Julian was one of the best jazz saxophonists in 1950-60. He has completed his education from Florida A&M University, in 1948 and studied music at U.S. Naval Academy. Adderly taught applied instrumental music at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cannonball was a living legend in Florida until he moved to New York. Adderly became a big sensation in the coming the 1960 decade. He was inducted for Jazz Hall of Fame after his death. He died of heart attack on 8th august 1975.


8. Joseph Stilwell: Born on 19th march 1883 in Palatka, Florida, Stilwell was one of the most famous army general of United States. Stilwell completed his post-graduation in Yonkers High School. He completed his military training in United States Military Academy. Stilwell headed both U.S and Chinese nationalist against Japan in World War II. Stilwell died on 12 October 1946 due to stomach cancer.

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